Monday, April 6, 2009

For The Moment...

Hi. Sometimes too many things come up and it's not possible to hit the road, but not to worry, it's only temporary. Until I get back out there I'd like to share with you this photo of Maxie and Vicky on the hiking trail during our beautiful fall season that was just a few short months ago. I love spring, but honestly, I love fall better and I'm already looking forward to next autumn, but hey, I'll make the most of the upcoming summer months!

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Hi, and welcome to my blog! In my working life I'm a cook, and in my personal life I'm married and have two daughters, plus a Chihuahua named Minnie. I am also a culinary school graduate with a degree in pastry arts. When I have a day off the first thing I think about is getting my camera and hitting the road. I've always loved road trips and I've been carrying a camera since I got a 110 Instamatic for my birthday when I was a kid. So, we get in the car and travel all over seeking out new back roads and new places to visit. At least twice a year we head up to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont and take in some of the best scenery New England has to offer, and we get to New Hampshire, too. We also do some shorter trips to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and sometimes even New York state (although it's not in New England) and once in a blue moon, we get to Maine. When I'm not on the road I'm right here at home reading, writing, watching some classic television like Andy Griffith, or Minnie and I are out strolling in the cemeteries enjoying the art and remembering the people.